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Pécs: Carpooling offers

Pécs is the 5th biggest city in Hungary and the main city of Baranya.

It has more than 150 000 inhabitants and the University is the oldest in Hungary (and one of the oldest in Europe): it was founded in 1367. You can see in the city some ruins of the Ottoman Empire period too.

Pécs was selected in 2010 to be one of the European capital of culture (with Essen and Istanbul) and there are many things to visit like:

  • the cathedral,
  • the Széchenyi square,
  • the National Theater,
  • the Barbakán "Tower", 
  • the Synagogue,
  • the Mosque of pasha Qasim,
  • ...

Among the famous people who are born in Pécs, we can mention József Eötvös (musician), László Sólyom (ex-president of Hungary), Zoltán Gera (football player) and Victor Vasarely (artist).

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