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Miskolc: Carpooling offers

Miskolc is fourth largest city of Hungary and the county capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén.

The city, which is oftenly presented as an industrial one, is becoming more and more known as a cultural city, organizing for example the International Opera Festival every summer.

Its university is quite recent (founded in 1950) and is surrounded by a large park.

Among the places attracting most of the tourists in Miskolc we can mention Tapolca (and its unique Cave Bath), Lillafüred and Felsőhámor. But we also recommend you to pass by:

  • The city center (Belváros)
  • Avas
  • Diósgyőr
  • Hejőcsaba
  • Görömbölyház
  • ...
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