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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of is an online carpooling service website provider wich gives the possibility to people who are travelling in the same way to meet threw the portal and organize their trip together in order to share the costs of travelling. members are non-professional users and the services they provide cannot attend to the quality of a professional one.

Tems of use :

To enjoy the service offered by, an online registration is needed. The first condition for registering is to accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. Registration is free. Users will have access to the full services offered by the website after a successful registration. Every new members will automatically receive the latest newsletters. This option can be cancelled afterwards by updating the user’s preferences.

If a user, after acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions, doesn’t respect them, it gives the right to the team to delete his profile and access to at any moment without necessarily being warned before.

The terms and conditions can be submitted to modifications at any time by the management team and users will be informed of it as it happens. The modifications will be valid and official after new acceptance of the user.

New types of services may come to life on the website at any time, even paying ones or free ones.

I/ Registration:

After a successful registration, each users will have to fulfill a personal profile page. Users will have to certify being in the legal age ( +18 years old ). Every user is responsible for all the information's he / she is giving. One profile page is allowed per user. Creating multiple profile pages is forbidden. Every user has the right to change his personal given information.

II/ Professional and non-professional use of the service:

All Users declare not to use the service offered by in a professional way or to try to get out any kind of profit of it. will take no responsibility in any kind of transactions that do not respect the website policy. People travelling together declare to share the “real, calculable” charges due to the trip. If a user is making profit out of his trip, he will be the only one responsible of his acts in front of the local legacy. A “real” shared price between drivers and passengers is a price that include nothing more then charges due to the agreed trip ( fuel, highway sticker, ..).

III/ Carpoolers research and reservations :

Drivers have to inform as precise as they can all the details regarding their trip: departure city, departure time, destination, arrival time, cities they could cross by, number or free seats in their car, price per person, etc...

Carpoolers enter in contact with each other through the website in order to fix the details. In case the two parts agree, the driver has to be at the agreed place at the agreed time to pick up the passenger(s). Drivers are not allowed to agree on trip details with more passengers than their car can even receive. All passengers have to give the driver the previous agreed amount for their trip.

IV/ Responsibilities :

Regarding that is a free online website, all the responsibilities regarding the transactions belongs to the drivers and passengers. Drivers are the only responsible about their cars (functional / insured / clean car, etc...). can’t be responsible:

- in case of false given data's by any user
- in case of cancellation by any part (drivers and / or passengers)
- in case of an eventual bad, offensive, racist or criminal behaviour of a carpooler during a trip.

The website is a 24/24 hours accessible website. Although it can happen that the website becomes inaccessible because of an update or a maintenance. Users will be informed in case of inaccessibility and the management team declare to fix the website as fast as they can. Users takes acknowledgment of this.

VI/ User’s personal data and protection rights :

The team took acknowledgement of the Hungarian law CXII. from 2011 regarding personal data protection. All the information given by the users are kept by and cannot be given to a third part. Only and it’s hosted websites are allowed to use them. Although in case of a criminal investigation done by the local authorities, users acknowledge that all the requested information will have to be given to them. keeps all rights to delete all kind of obscene, racists or illegal posts on the website. is the property o the autOsztunk team. Any reproduction in full or in part must have the prior written authorisation of the autOsztunk team. Any conflicting use of all or part of the Site or of any of the elements on it shall constitute an infringement that could lead to civil and / or criminal legal proceedings and to the offending visitor being exposed to the penalties mentioned.

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