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Questions and answers about carpooling and

You have questions? We have answers

You might have some questions about carpooling (mostly if you never traveled this way) or about

Please see below if you can find the answers to your doubts and, if not, don't hesitate to contact us! is the "easiest-to-use" carpooling platform in Hungary.

It helps to connect drivers and passengers to allow them to share there trips and costs (if you didn't see yet all the advantages of carpooling, please give a look to them!).

Do you also want to save money while travelling ecologically with friendly people? Create your account now!

In order to maximize the chances of having good experiences while carpooling and using the autOsztunk website, we ask our members to follow some basic rules:

A member not respecting these simple rules might be banned of the website right away by the autOsztunk team.


You have 2 easy ways to create your profile on autOsztunk:

  • you can use your Facebook account if you have one (recommended)
  • you can fill in the form with your information (name, email, birth date, etc.)

After creating your account, you will be able to post your trips, contact other members of autOsztunk to travel with them... and be part of the autOsztunk community!

Because using your Facebook profile is much easier and quick to create your profile on autOsztunk!

  • You only need 2 clicks to create your account
  • You don't have to fill the registration form and you won't have to validate your email adress
  • After creating your account, you will not have to log in on autOsztunk if you are logged in on Facebook
  • You will soon be able to enjoy new features we are preparing with the Facebook possibilities ;-)
The datas you give (via the Facebook connect feature or the registration form) are basically the same as you can provide in the "normal" registration form: we won't do anyting with them, neither sending them to the FBI unless they force us to do it because you are a terrorist :)
Your datas (name, email, etc.) will never be used outside the autOsztunk carpooling platform and we will never give or sell them neither.
If you need to be reassured, you can also check the general terms and conditions of autOsztunk and contact us if you have more questions.


We advice you first to create an ad for your trip(s) so the passengers can find it and contact you if they want to travel with you.

Then, use the search section of the website by entering the names of your departure and arrival cities to see who else is looking for carpoolers: if you find some of them which match your trip preferences, contact them to propose them to come with you, arrange the meeting place and time, ask questions if you need more details about them or their trip, etc.

First, you need to indicate the cities you are departing from and arriving to.

We offer you the possibility to mention if your trip is an occasional one (which means that you are not planning to do it again or you do it rarely) or a regular one (for example you do this trip every friday).


Then you should indicate which date and what time you are planning to leave from the departure city and arrive to the final destination. We advice you to mention cities where you can do a possible stop to take there / let there a passenger (usually, possible stops are cities which are on your way between your departure and arrival cities).

(By mentioning the possible stops you can do, you increase the chances of your ad being found by carpoolers who would be interested to do a part of the trip... and share with you part of the costs.)


Finally, indicate how many passengers you can take with you in your car (which means how many available seats do you have) and what is the price you are asking per passenger: check how to calculate the right price to ask per person and remember that it's forbidden to earn money using carpooling.


It is important to know that it is forbidden to earn money with your carpooling trips (see more information about this topic) : one of the purposes of this travelling mode is to save money.

How to calculate the fair price to ask your passengers? It's easy:

  1. calculate how much will cost you approximately the fuel expenses: multiplicate the fuel consumption of your car (for your trip distance) by the liter price of your car type of fuel
  2. calculate the higway costs (if you are planning to take the highway)
  3. add the fuel + highway expenses and divide the result by the number of available seats you propose: you get then the right price to ask to each of your passenger! 

Please indicate in your ad the real price you will ask to your passengers to let them know in advance what they can expect to pay: all the ads with an obvious wrong price (like 0 ft, 100 ft, ...) will be deleted.



We advice you first to create an ad with the informations of your trips: this way different drivers will also be able to find you and contact you if they are planning to do the same trip as you, giving you more possibilities to choose the most suitable one.

Then, use the search section of the website to see if there are already ads of drivers matching your travel needs: you can send them a message to see if they still have a free seat for you, arrange the time and place to meet on the day of the trip, ask questions if you need some informations, etc.


You are planning to travel and you would like to save money by doing it with others carpoolers?

Posting your ad is easy and takes approximately 20 seconds: just follow the steps after you clicked on the button that you can find on the right of the search section:

Post your trips now!

What we call a regular trip is simply a trip that you do oftenly and at the same period: for example, if you go to see your family once every 2 weeks, this is a regular trip.
You can then easily post your ad only once by selecting the right options offered: your ad will automatically appear for all the dates you travel, this way your chances to find carpoolers will be increased... by just posting one ad!

We ask drivers and passengers to not indicate their personal contact information (phone number and email for example) for many reasons:

  • your ad page will be public: anybody could use this contact information to spam you or annoy you
  • by asking interested people to register on autOsztunk (to be able to contact you):
    • we also offer to the other carpoolers a chance to travel with this person in the near future
    • we provide you a way to review this carpooler (in case you travel with that person) so it can help others carpoolers to decide with who to carpool
  • once you start exchanging private messages with a person on autOsztunk, you are free (and responsible) to give your contact information to this member.

This is one of the communication rules of autOsztunk which goal is to safely and efficientely allow members to organize their carpooling trips: please respect them.

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