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Carpooling advices: don't be late!

Carpooling is a more and more common way to travel but it has also (as every transportation mode) its specifities. We’ll start now to list them in order to help you to enjoy your carpooler experiences ;-)
The first one is quite basic and fairly known, as it is also a rule regarding other ways to travel: the time departure. As you can’t be late while taking a plane, train or boat, you also have to consider the time “flexibility” when it’s about carpooling because it’s not only about you, it’s also about (at least) 1 other person: the one(s) you will travel with.
If you are late, the arrival time will probably be delayed and the carpoolers you travel with might have to cancel plans at the arrival city... and simply reconsider next time the possibility of travelling with you or not!
Our advice: once you agree on autOsztunk to carpool with somebody, always exchange the mobile phone number with them to be able to let them know as soon as possible if something happened and that you will be late (or even cancel your participation to the trip in the worst cases) but, of course, do your best to be on time!



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