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About us

We are all carpoolers: we are all autOsztunkers!

This project started when we noticed that it was hard in Hungary to find people to carpool with.

Our goal is simple: we want to develop this transportation mode because we truly believe that it's a great way to travel (if you don't know yet the advantages of carpooling, please give a look to them). 

By helping you and your friends to find carpoolers, we also help ourselves and our friends at the same time... to share trips and costs with you!


Our team: dynamic, serious and focused

All the members of the autOsztunk team have experiences of carpooling (in foreign countries also) : we are pleased to be part of a project which helps people and the environment.
This fact keeps our motivation up every day to increase our community:
  1. by providing an easy-to-use website and 
  2. thinking about original ideas to allow (new) carpoolers to meet.



If you also believe that this project is good, useful and want to help the autOsztunk community to grow, please check how you can be part of this movement and don't hesitate to contact us !


Kind regards,

The autOsztunk team


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